Using Games in Your Class

Using Games in Your Class

Adda Gucyetmez - Acıbadem Schools


Adda Perez is an English teacher that believes that we can always learn from each other. There is no age limit in learning and developing yourself. Adda also believes that the teacher should always be a facilitator and a companion towards their students.


Using Games in Your Class

In this workshop, I will introduce some games that can be used in the class. I will start with the importance of fillers and activities, what are the fields that these activities can cover, and later in the workshop, I am going to have some demonstrations of the games. It will be an interactive workshop in which the teachers will be able to communicate with me and with their partners.

Quota: 25

Venue: C4 / 11:15-12:15 ||| 14:30-15:30

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