Brace Yourself Teacher Made Classroom Take Aways

Brace Yourself Teacher Made Classroom Take Aways

Gülpembe Tosun - Acıbadem Schools


Mrs Gülpembe Tosun was studied at Marmara University English Language Teaching Department (2003-2007) after her teacher training high school education. She has been teaching in Private schools (kindergarten – primary-secondary) for thirteen years and has attended different workshop and professional development courses such as Teaching English to very young/young learners – Drama in EFL Classes – TEFL – Implementing Agency – Understanding the Leadership..etc. Mrs Gülpembe has studied with Ministry of Education and Eğitim Bir-Sen in the project of “ Reform in Turkish Educational System: Establishing the National curriculum in a democratic way” She has been working in Acıbadem Schools as a PYP Language Teacher and the Head of Primary Schools for two years.


Brace Yourself Teacher Made Classroom Takeaways

This workshop provides teachers with an overview of the keys to positive and proactive classroom management, using real-life examples and practical steps for implementation  This workshop aims to help you with understanding the needs of the students and give them new ideas for overcoming the classroom management issues all teachers face. You will experience enjoyable warm-up activities that will help you save time in your classroom and improve the efficacy of your teaching. You’ll identify time-wasting moments, and minimize the time spent on procedures (such as moving students around your classroom) that tend to consume valuable teaching time.

Quota: 25

Venue: C3 / 11:15-12:15 ||| 14:30-15:30

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