The Power Of Drama in Language Teaching

The Power Of Drama in Language Teaching

Benek Arıoğlu - Nüans Publishing


Benek Arıoğlu, an English Language Teacher, studied English Language and Literature at Bilkent

University. Her curiosity in Business Administration led her to have her Master’s Degree (MBA) at Yeditepe

University. Her master’s thesis was based on research that looked into The Influence of Leadership Styles

on Employee Productivity: In the Field of Education. She has worked in many private school chains in

Istanbul as an English Language Teacher and Head of Foreign Languages Department. She assisted

Eyüboğlu Schools in establishing the Toefl Test Center and worked as the Toefl Test Center Administrator

and High School Toefl Test Education Coordinator. Then She worked in FMV Erenköy Işık High School as an

English Teacher and Toefl Test Education Coordinator. She also worked in Istek Uluğbey High School,

Kurtköy Bilfen Secondary School and Kayı Schools as Kindergarten-High School Head of Foreign Languages

Department. She also worked as an English Drama Teacher. After a minimum of fifteen years of working as

a teacher, she made a change in her career and started working for Nüans Publishing as an Educational

Consultant and Teacher Trainer. Since then, she has been sharing her knowhow and experience with her

colleagues through workshops and seminars.

Future societies and jobs will require critical thinkers using logic, making judgements, finding

relationships, and solving problems more than ever. Due to this, students will need to work

effectively and respectfully with diverse teams and will need to be more flexible to adapt themselves

to new situations, fast-developing technologies and societies. Because storytelling and drama

includes examples of events and characters from real life, they are perfect modelling for any

situation or people students may encounter with in the future. Through the integration of

storytelling and drama more into the designing of the lessons, not only the expression and language

proficiency of the students are excelled, but also the social interactions, problem-solving abilities and

creativity are flourished. Once the students broaden their perspectives, they will investigate matters

with new attitudes and will approach matters with the most effective solutions. Thus, they will

differentiate and make a positive change in any setting.

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