How to Promote Emotional Engagement in Learning

How to Promote Emotional Engagement in Learning

Ebru Demiral- Globed


Ebru Demiral is an English Teacher and a member of Academic Team at GLOBED which introduces top-quality educational resources to international, private and public schools in Turkey and neighbouring countries. She is in charge of supporting educators to integrate e-learning solutions to improve student achievement by providing guidelines for teachers/instructors, organizing educational content and developing curriculum alignments.


After graduating with honours from Boğaziçi University with a degree in Foreign Language Education Department, she has started her professional career at GLOBED as an Academic Consultant and taken part in discovering ways to enhance both teaching and learning experiences in cooperation with educators.

Currently, she also studies a Master of Arts degree in Linguistics at Boğaziçi University.



How to Promote Emotional Engagement in Learning

While engagement is often associated with physical participation and cognitive involvement, emotional engagement is also key to foster active and long-lasting learning. Research reveals that students who feel emotionally engaged in the learning experience enjoy discovering new learning paths, pay more attention to their lessons, get involved and feel good in class.

This session aims to explore various ways to promote a positive emotional learning environment in our classes.

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