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Acıbadem Schools is pleased to announce that Acıbadem Schools Engage & Foster Learning ELT Conference will take place on December 14th, 2019. The event welcomes presenters and participants who are interested in language teaching and learning.

As teachers of English, we share a common goal of preparing our students to effectively communicate and actively collaborate with people around the world in the English language. Acıbadem Schools’ education philiosophy is based on a learner-centred approach which allows the students’ individual needs and differences to be discovered, understood and fostered.

Acıbadem Schools Engage&Foster Learning ELT Conference will be the platform where all teachers can share their ideas, knowledge, and experiences with English language teaching and learning.

The conference aims to support teachers in deepening a learner-centered approach demonstrating that learners need to be emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially engaged while learning. We intend to enrich our students’ education by collaborating, discussing, and exploring to combine a digital platform with traditional forms of teaching to make classroom activities more interesting by adding innovative teaching practices, imaginative thinking and ideas and creative learning techniques.

We cordially invite you to attend our very first ELT Conference.





  • 14 December 2019Saturday



Opening- Welcome Speech


Plenary 1 (Sam Whittam)


Coffee Break


Concurrent Sessions




Plenary 2 (Sinan Canan)


Coffee Break


Concurrent Sessions


Coffee Break




25 quota

My Recipe For the 21st Century

BiodataElna Coetzer works as a freelance teacher trainer and educational consultant with Oxford University Press and various other training organisations
25 quota

Tell Me a Story/Students as Storytellers

BiodataKaty is a teacher and teacher trainer with over a decade of experience
25 quota

Metacognition, Self-Assessment and Reflection: Techniques and Strategies to Help Learners Help Themselves.

BiodataTeacher Trainer/Educational Consultant for Cambridge University Press, Turkey, Laura Moulton has been a teacher since early 2000 and a teacher trainer since 2004
25 quota

Gamification Versus Game Based Learning

BiodataSenem Baycan is a Teacher Trainer and Educational Consultant at Unlimited Educational Services (UES) in Istanbul
25 quota

Brace Yourself Teacher Made Classroom Take Aways

BiodataMrs Gülpembe Tosun was studied at Marmara University English Language Teaching Department (2003-2007) after her teacher training high school education
25 quota

Using Games in Your Class

BiodataAdda Perez is an English teacher that believes that we can always learn from each other
25 quota

Encouraging and Improving Writing Skills In Middle School

Hatice Svetlana TerziBiodataHatice Svetlana Terzi is an English teacher with 12 years of experience in teaching English from secondary to University students within and out of Turkey
25 quota

The Escape Room: Boredom Crushing Lesson Planning

BiodataYasemin Islah currently Works as an English language coordinator of a private primary school in Istanbul
25 quota

Creative, Curious and Challenging Thinkers

Berna AslanBiodataBerna Aslan is known to be a dreamer, curious learner, maker and a gamer
25 quota

The Power Of Drama in Language Teaching

BiodataBenek Arıoğlu, an English Language Teacher, studied English Language and Literature at BilkentUniversity
25 quota

How to Promote Emotional Engagement in Learning

BioEbru Demiral is an English Teacher and a member of Academic Team at GLOBED which introduces top-quality educational resources to international, private and public schools in Turkey and neighbouring countries
25 quota

Helping Unmotivated Students

Bio After graduating from high school in the United States, he went to Turkey, to Konya Selçuk University Tourism guidance Department

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  • 1. Who should attend?
    English teachers, academics, university students studying English and anyone interested are encouraged to participate in the conference.
  • 2. How much does it cost?
    The registration fee is 90 ₺
  • 3. In what language will the conference be held?
    The conference will be held entirely in English and there will be no translation available.
  • 4. When and where will the conference take place?
    It will be held on on Saturday, December 14, 2019, at Private Acıbadem Schools Camlica Campus.
  • 5. Can I attend without registration?
    Online registration is required for selecting the workshops you plan to attend and preparetions will be made accordingly.
  • 6. For the workshop that I want to attend “quota is full” message appears on the screen, what should I do?
    You can choose one of the 10 different workshops prepared under the guidance of our leading expert workshop consultants.
  • 7. Can I change my workshop during the conference?
    In order to serve you better, the number of seats in each workshop is limited and content, materials and room arrangement will be made accordinly, therefore, we ask you not to change your workshop choices.
  • 8. Will an attendance certificate be issued?
    You can receive your certificates at the end of the conference via e-mail.
  • 9. How can I find the conference location ?
    Click here to see the map.
  • 10. How do I register for the conference?
    Click here to begin your registration process.
  • 11. I filled out the registration form but I didn't choose the workshop and didn't pay. Your workshop and re-enrollment for payment?
    No need to re-register. You can find out your registration, workshop and payment status by clicking this link.

Career Opportunities Stand
Please feel free to visit our career opportunities stand. The appointment form will be on the registration desk.

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