Elna Coetzer

Elna Coetzer


South African-born Elna Coetzer works as a teacher trainer and educational consultant with the International Training Institute in Istanbul and Oxford University Press among other organisations. She worked as a teacher and director of studies teaching all levels, doing in-house teacher development and developing ESP courses. Her training skills was honed at Cambridge University Press working as an educational consultant and teacher trainer. She is an accredited CELTA, DELTA and CELT-P/S tutor (these are Cambridge teaching qualifications), works as an Oxford Teachers’ Academy trainer and is also an online moderator. She is an experienced online teacher and trainer and enjoys taking on the challenges of online education. She has written teacher training materials used internationally, most recently an online course to help teachers develop their online teaching abilities. She has also done some editing for various ELT publications and has published some articles in the IH Online Journal.

Her interests range from working with critical thinking, developing motivation and a growth mind-set to using stories to lower the affective filter and incorporating creative activities to make learning more engaging. Literacy and reading development, developing effective talk in learners and supporting professional development in educators are some of the subjects that she is passionate about. Most recently the issues surrounding online teaching and coaching have been uppermost in her mind.

She is based in Turkey and has worked in 15 countries training educators. She is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and life coach and is interested in psychology. She is a storyteller and a coffee drinker and loves a good detective novel – the darker the better!



Teacher Wellbeing

We talk about wellbeing in general and a lot has been said about student wellbeing. But what about the teachers? In this talk we look briefly at the historical background of wellbeing and in particular, teacher wellbeing. Then we discuss ways that we can spread wellbeing in our teachers' rooms and among our colleagues. With these practical ideas in hand, we hope that you have a greater awareness of how YOU can make a difference to your colleagues' wellbeing and also your own.