Daria Tarakanova

Daria Tarakanova

Unlimited Educational Services (UES)
Teacher Trainer and Educational Consultant


Daria Tarakanova holds an MA in Applied Linguistics. She has also earned a number of international teaching certificates, including TESOL, TESOL Young Learners, TESOL for Test Preparation. Daria has been involved in the field for 14 years at international schools and universities and has extensive experience teaching English at all levels in Turkey and abroad. She currently is a Teacher Trainer and Educational Consultant at Unlimited Educational Services (UES).



Cultivating Critical Thinking Through Art

Critical and creative thinking are the most essential skills in any workplace, daily life or learning environment. They require the ability to closely observe, elaborate, analyse and collaborate. Most educators agree that it is important to teach students to think. However, simply teaching the skill may not always be sufficient. In this workshop the participants

will explore main thinking dispositions using a variety of thinking routines and learn how to integrate works of visual art in a way that helps strengthen student thinking and apply it in new and diverse contexts. The workshop will benefit both new and experienced teachers.