Bahadır Aykut

Bahadır Aykut

Teacher Trainer


Bahadır Aykut works as the English Language and Literature Teacher at Aci Schools, İstanbul, Turkey.

Having completed his B.A. degree in English Language and Literature at Istanbul Kultur University and his M.A. degree majoring in English Language Teaching, he is currently continuing his research further on differentiated gamification techniques, Metaverse and its design elements that could be integrated with ELT.

In his career journey, he worked as an English Department Coordinator, English Language Teacher and Team Leader for various institutions. Co-ordinating a team of highly motivated teachers, he organized material development sessions for English Curriculums. He also specialized in Cambridge English Assessments for every CEFR level along with his pursuits in differentiated gamification tools and their effects on students' motivation and attitude.



Exploring Metaverse and Diving into the Game Design Elements and their Effects on Learners.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone, embrace the change and explore the possibilities within the technology and the world of ELT?

Gamification in a learning environment has always been a powerful element that boosts the learners’ motivation and capacity for learning. However, are we ready to integrate what comes next with what we already know? Are we ready for “The Merge”?

During this interactive session, we will be exploring the history of the metaverse and its possibilities of integration with powerful game design elements in the context of gamification. We will also be looking at some past studies within that context.

It is our hope that after acquiring and utilizing the necessary tools, students will demonstrate even higher levels of determination for not only acquiring a new foreign language but also developing their skills for it, which will indirectly boost their capacity and attitude towards English lessons.