Aslıhan Akçay Çelik

Aslıhan Akçay Çelik

Academy Academic Director


Aslıhan Akçay Çelik works as the Academic Director at ILS Academy, İstanbul, Turkey. Having completed her B.A. and M.A. degrees majoring in English language teaching at Akdeniz University, she is currently doing her PhD at Dokuz Eylül University.

In her career journey, she worked as a Master Trainer and Academic Consultant at Pearson; as an Education Manager and Teacher Trainer at Dünya Education | Cambridge University Press; and as an English Language Teacher and Department Coordinator for various institutions. As a Creative Drama Instructor and Master Trainer, she has delivered hundreds of teacher training sessions, workshops and parents’ seminars all around Turkey. Having coordinated a number of material development projects, she also authored a four-level drama booklet series for primary learners, a skill-based writing course for teenage learners and an Employability course for adult learners.

Her research interest includes teacher education, material development and 21st century learning in the field of English Language Teaching.



Nurturing Creativity through Drama Games

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zones and be the change? Let’s get more creative and help learners foster their creativity as one of the most important future skills.

Learners’ capacity for creativity can always be fostered when it is nurtured in the right way, one of which is to integrate Creative Drama games into the classroom.

During this highly interactive session, we will be exploring some drama games that will help learners to have multiple perspectives; improve their communication and collaboration skills as well as their creativity; but more importantly start the change with ourselves.